By R. Kevin Davis, Esq. Most all employers conduct some kind of background check on job applicants.  In the most basic sense a background check is any conduct on the part of an employer that seeks to discover information about a person’s ... read more >

by Emilee H. Scheeff, Esq. With more and more people going paperless and increasing their online presence, new issues are arising in estate planning and administration. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the person in charge of administering the estate to locate…

By R. Kevin Davis, Esq. It seems inevitable that in the practice of employment law you will come across a client that seeks to utilize the services of an independent contractor in his or her operations. These business owners must be careful ... read more >

On February 14, 2015, Sydney Cook & Associates, LLC participated in the 9th Annual Chili Cook Off hosted by the Exchange Club of Tuscaloosa.  Team members included, from left to right: Mandy Wyatt, Valerie Bragg, Sharon Creel, Emilee Scheeff, and Steve Wyatt.

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